the misadventures of rugged fox

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Rugged Fox is a work in progress and has been for the last ten years. Since leaving the closet (one year out of private all boys Catholic school) Rugged has always dreamed of being the perfect gay man and consistently failed on every attempt.  From wardrobe malfunctions to first dates and spiritual breakdowns, Rugged Fox paints in words the picture of a gay man trying to grow in to himself. Visit for more or jump ahead reading with the menu below.


amuse bouche

Wet your palette with this crowd-pleasing entry, i wanna be a supermodel (sept. 7, 2011). To his surprise, Rugged Fox is selected to star in a magazine photo shoot after all the other available gay men who were invited drop out. Making an emergency trip to Club Monaco to find an outfit, he is dismayed afterwards when he discovers not everyone thinks he is as fabulous as he does. 


Before moving on to the main course, lets keep it light with this festive entry, how much is that homo in the window? (december 21, 2008). Three days before Christmas, Rugged does some last-minute shopping at Polo Park Mall to buy gifts for his family. He is only one store in when he finds himself distracted by a cute sales boy who seems to be the perfect fit. Sit back and take note as the Fox tells you everything you need to know about retail gay men. Figure out the difference the "Gap Gay" and "Guess Guy" so that you know which one will be your type.


This entry pairs best with a full-bodied glass of cabernet sauvignon or a double shot of Jameson's on the rocks. In like a prayer (october 28, 2009) Rugged Fox tries to relieve his quarter-life crisis with an old remedy: the Catholic Church. For the first time in almost five years, he attends mass one Sunday morning seeking comfort and silence; except he finds nothing but a hard wooden pew and repressed feelings of anger. 


Enjoy this entry from the first bite to the last! Given the fragile state of this economy, Rugged has to do everything in his power in rich bitch, poorhead (august 24, 2011) to cut back on spending. After skipping breakfast one day and loading up on caffeine to save money, his nerves are shot when he finds himself outside the door to H&M. All he really needs is one pair of suspenders, but if he gives in just this one time and buys them, does that mean he is destined to be well-dressed and broke his entire life?

To tell you the truth though, all you need to know about Rugged Fox is that I am totally fabulous. So if this is your first time alone with me, relax, pour yourself a glass of red wine and take a deep breath; because you are going to need it when you start laughing.